Profit First is a Cash flow system. It is not accounting or bookkeeping but a cash flow methodology.

We all know that having the right systems are key for a business to prosper and grow.

Yet when you ask your accountant, “What is the cash flow system you use in your business”, or “What is the cash flow system you implement in your clients’ business”, you might get a blank stare.

Or you get the “You sell, sell, sell, manage your expenses and what is left over you pay yourself with”. If you ever hear that run for the hills.

This is what makes us different and better!

We implement in our own business as well as our client’s business a cash flow methodology that ensures we are:

1) paying ourselves first if not more,

2) putting aside the proper amount for VAT and Tax and are not reaching into savings to pay the government,

3) FOCUSED on generating a Profit! Why? Because with a PROFIT, we pay down debt, celebrate the health of their company or hire to grow!

We architect each client’s cash flow to not only alleviate the pains but to achieve the wants.

What do you want to achieve?