Virtual Finance Department Package

Is your business in that in-between stage of growing rapidly but not profitable yet to hire the team it needs to support that growth? Look no further than the Virtual Finance Department package to plug that gap.

Aimed at:

  • Larger businesses who have grown to a size where they want to in-source the finance process to get a closer handle on the finances
  • Businesses that are looking to hire extra admin staff to assist with the financial processes

What you get:

  • Planning session with MD
  • Planning session with key personnel (inc. a systems and process review)
  • Profit First report and tailored action plan
  • 6 x monthly implementation sessions
  • 3 x post-implementation sessions (at quarterly intervals after implementation)

Course duration:

  • Between 12 – 15 months

Is cash a major source of stress for you?

Are you unsure if you are doing Profit First right?

Does profit seem like a distant dream?

Does your stress grow along with your business growth?

Do you get anxious around tax season?

Do you struggle to achieve financial freedom?

Are you ready to make your business permanently profitable?

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Included in your kit:

  • First 5 Chapters from Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First Book
  • Profit First Calculator
  • Instant Assessment
  • Finances Tracker
  • MTD Survival Guide

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